Resources / Manuals / Specifications: 1964

1960-1969 Lincoln Installing A Crank Driven Power Steering Pump
1963-1967 Lincoln Pillar Switch
1964-1967 Lincoln Convertible Instructional for Upper Back Panel Limit Switch
1964 Exterior Lighting Horn Turn Signal Back-Up Lamp Circuits
1964 Interior Lighting Gauge Heater Circuits
1964 Lincoln Continental Model Identification
1964 Low Fuel Warning Circuit
1964 Sedan Some Convertible Power Window Circuit
1964 Six-Way Power Seat Circuit
1964 Air Conditioner And Heather Circuit
1964 Convertible Automatic Rear Door Window Circuits
1964 Lincoln Convertible Top Control, Speed Control and Power Feed Schematics
Over Heating Problems
Fuel Pump Installations for Lincoln 430 & 462
1958-1968 ½ Lincoln Vapor Lock