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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“ Kelly and her team have been very helpful with the hard-to-find Lincoln parts!  They bend over backward for their customers and they are our number one supplier of Old Lincoln parts!  We will continue our partnership on future builds! (Kindig-it Design).  Thanks,” - Arthur Burton, Kindigit Design; Salt Lake City, UT
Kindig It Design

“I can’t recommend Kelly and her folks highly enough. Working with Lincoln/Mercury Old Parts Store over the years has been great. The owner Kelly, goes well beyond just selling parts. She has a wonderful sense about what’s needed and how to find it. Many of our builds, both on and off television, wouldn’t have been possible without her continued support and vast technical knowledge. She stays busy and dealing with the antique cars but if you can catch her or one of her specialists, they’ll get you on course with the spare “bits” (as our English cousins like to call them) and get your classic Lincoln or Mercury back on the road. True professionals in every way. All the best. ” - Daniel Short, DRS Automotive FantomWorks; Norfolk, VA

DRS Automotive FantomWorks

“Kelly and the Gang at Lincoln Old Parts always take care of me. From one little molding to the rarest of parts. Always there to answer questions and get everything I need the first time. We run a small restoration shop. Kelly is the ONLY call I make!” - Scott Mason, Highland Ford; Ontario, Canada
Highland Ford

“The Lincoln Old Parts Store is one of my most recommended vendors. I've known Kelly and Herb most of my life and their service and parts selection is extensive. The knowledge of 50's and 60's Lincolns is second to none. Highly recommended!!” - John Cashman; California
John Cashman - Electrical Specialist

“I've been doing business with Herb and Kelly for YEARS now. Always a please to call. Most people nowadays are hunting online and getting no advice. I own a now senior 1958 Lincoln Mark III and it's so nice to order parts you can't find anywhere, because these guys have done real reproductions, at great expense, to make our life working on these cars very easy.
...I've tried reproduction parts from out in California. JUNK. Never again. Never what is promised.
...This doesn't happen AT ALL when I order and confer with Kelly, Brittany, Herb, and Ron at Lincoln Old Parts. We love our cars and they do too. So many businesses are doing business instead of being an enthusiast. It's refreshing to call there. Just a pleasure. Please, please stay with us forever!!” - Dr. Greg Alexander; Houston, Texas

“I have been a customer of the Lincoln/Mercury Old Parts Store for many years and have always been quite pleased with their knowledge and availability of parts to restore my Lincoln automobiles. Herb, Kelly, and their staff are always eager to assist in any problems that I occur in the restoration. Pricing is always fair for the parts I purchase and always outstanding customer service.” - John F. Fischer; Baltimore, Maryland

“So please find enclosed a "tote" bag for you featuring the trunk emblem (the one I made). I hope you enjoy it; it is a small thank you for all your kindness and care. You and your crew have made my resurrection of "Carlota" a most pleasant exercise! Very best regards, and best wishes to the family.” - Roger Tennyson; San Mateo, California

“Kelly, Herb, and everyone there has worked with me at some point, with every aspect of every system I have had to rebuild. I have counted on their skill and expertise to get me where I am today. Even when they did not have an answer, they referred me to someone who did, and for me that is the epitome of Customer Service.
...My 1960 Lincoln Continental MKV is a head turner at every car show I attend.  It drives like a new car and rides like a dream thanks to one of LMOPS referrals.  The best part of my restoration project is that every time I get in that car I am 16 years old again, and I think of my Mother and her defiance.
...Thank all of you at The Lincoln / Mercury Old Parts Store for your patience with me and my project.  I could not have done it without YOU.” - John Karpus; Portsmouth, VA

“Just want to say thank you to Ron and the staff at Lincoln/Mercury Old Parts Store for your very friendly and prompt service. The replacement control valve you sent works fine.  I'll mention your store to anyone I know looking for Lincoln and Mercury parts.  Thanks again” - Rex Root; Woodbine, MD

“Just a note to say that I received the emblem and escutcheon in good order yesterday. It should work nicely to block the hole in the door panel!  Thanks again for all your help and the help of the other staff members.  You folks are a great asset to collectors of wonderful old Mercurys and Lincolns.” - Bob Zimmerman; Hackittstown, NJ

“Hi, just got my stuff today and WOW I'm very impressed by that shipping speed! Sure you're store isn't in Sweden?” – Hakan Sandberg; Sweden

“Kelly and Herb,Thank you so much. Everyone I talked with which was about 6 different people finally led me to you all. Everyone was so nice to take the time to share phone numbers to finally find your business. This world could use a few more kind people! ” – Sincerely Kent (Doug) Wilson